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Welding Helmet Electronic "DELTA PLUS" BARRIER EN175電子焊罩(變色龍)
Filter change automatically and adjustable, shade 9-13, switching time ≦0.0001sec
反應時間 ≦0.0001秒, 濾光度 9-13度, 可調式
Welding Helmet Electronic "CLIMAX" 420 Compact EN175電子焊罩(變色龍)
Filter changes automatically to Shade 13,Switching Time 0.0005sec
反應時間 0.0005秒 , 濾光度自動提升達13度
Welding Hand Shield "CLIMAX" 410 EN175 手焊鏡
Made of Polypropylene
Welding Goggle "CLIMAX" 545A EN175 燒焊眼罩
For Gas Welding, Adjustable Sight Glass,
合氣焊用, 可摺合視窗
Welding Eyewear "CLIMAX" 571V EN175 燒焊眼鏡
For Gas Welding